Ürün Adı : ID100B(1.25)
Ürün Markası : TROVAN INC
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The ID-100B(1.25) Implantable NanoTransponder

is a reliable, humane technology for animal identification, designed to provide life-long, positive identification for animals. The ID numbers are fixed during manufacture, and cannot be altered by third parties. The code uniqueness is protected by patent. The transponder itself is the size of a grain of rice, and is implanted
just below the skin, in a simple procedure much like a vaccination. Each transponder is encapsulated in special, biocompatible glass, individually pre-sterilised and packaged in a bubble pack. It comes ready for application, in its own disposable needle and with 6 ea. adhesive labels featuring the ID code in human readable (alpha-numeric) and barcode 39 format.

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