Ürün Adı : LID560ISO
Ürün Markası : TROVAN INC
Ürün Fiyatı :
Dosyalar :

The LID-560 Pocket Reader

is a low-cost portable reader for applications that do not require maximum read range performance. Typical applications include dog breeders’ individual operations and pet I.D. in veterinary practices. With its easy point-and-shoot operation, the Pocket Reader is designed for situations where no communication with an external PC or terminal is required. The reader scans a tag and displays the ID number on its LCD. A quick push of the button shows the last tag number read. The attached belt clip allows you to carry this small ergonomic unit with you on the go. The LID-560 Pocket Reader will read TROVAN UNIQUE™ transponders and TROVANFLEX™ transponders.

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